Basketball Box break! 06-07 Bowman DP&S Basketball! *scan heavy*


Bench Warmer
So I bought this box of Draft Picks and Stars basketball for $32.95 dlvd from Dave and Adams. I ordered and paid on the 10th of October but the payment didn't go through until 10-17 >_<. So I finally received it today after 2 weeks and it was well worth the wait! Didn't do a video for this one but a recap instead :( Wish I would have.

I hit a hot box! One per 12 box case and includes double the content. (2 rc autos, 4 GU, 4 refractor parallels /249 or less, 4 Bowman Chrome/pack)

Video people: YouTube - 06-07 Bowman Draft Picks and Stars Basketball Recap

Picture/scan people:


-Unopened package-


-Opened package (upside-down >_<)-


-Unopened box-


-Opened box-


-18 packs-


Wade 116/249, Deron 007 (1 off of his jsy #)/249, and Shelden Williams 120/150


Redick, Shaq, and Morrison unnumbered, Allen 070/249


Patrick O'Bryant and Quincy Douby, unnumbered

And the big hit...did you notice that I was missing a refractor?


Tyrus Thomas GOLD Refractor Rookie Card 05/50! BV $100!
Easily my best pull ever, I'm ecstatic!

Plus the Tyrus and the Morrison were in the first pack:


Also does anyone have an estimate as to how much the Tyrus would sell for? I don't think I'd sell it yet as this is my first 'huge' pull but I'd like to know.

Thanks for looking! :D :D
for starters definitely dont grade the tyrus, it looks to be about 25-75 on centering so your most likely not going to get above a 9 if that, assuming the rest of the card is perfect, so dont waste ur money grading it.

secondly that was very lucky & a great box, i think i got a hot box a long time ago from dacw and ive been hoping to get another one but it hasnt happened yet :( ur tyrus is a little better than my marion gold refractor i just got ;)

and what a first pack that was! i dont like how they a lot of the time have a jersey & refractor in the same pack instead of spreading them out, but it would be hard to top that first pack!

i dont know exactly what the tyrus would go for, id wait til the season was about a week old then list it, if u wanna sell it, i think in the range of 30-50, maybe more, hard to say. you could either just put it with a bin only auction with best offers & price it at $99.99 & see what offers u get, otherwise just start it at $24.99 with a buy it now of whatever you think , maybe 49.99, 59.99, 74.99, i doubt itd go for that much but u never know, and then just let it go for a week & see what u get. if he gets off to a great start that would really help u ;) i dunno if he'll really do that though. good luck!
Yeah I agree - don't grade the Tyrus, you would just bomb out unless you want to grade it strictly for your PC.
Imagine if Tyrus gets the start he had last year, blocking Shaq AND Zo in 2 minutes in his very first game :D
That was whack!
Yeah, I wasn't planning on grading. The first thing I noticed was the centering >_< I'm not sure if I'll sell, I'd love to keep it as my first "big" pull for me.

inopethflames: Thanks! I think I saw your break of Beckett, did you pull a Redick ref rc and a Douby auto? And yeah I thought about selling the other 17 packs, honestly, but I realized it was a hot box so I didn't. Thanks a bunch for the pricing help!

Hands: Yep that's what I was thinking. :D If he gets really hot I may let go of it but for now it's going to the PC.

i wouldnt bother reselling packs of bowman, ur not gonna make anything doing that, but for around $25 bucks, 07 bowman is fun to open, also if you didnt know, on dacw if you order $150+ of packs or boxes u get free shipping, so maybe try to save up & do that so u can avoid paying the shipping costs that way.
I wouldnt grade to sell.I would only grade if i was gonna keep it for my own collection.But if he starts amazing and its not graded you could make a good chunk of change off of that one.