Booker T & Sharmell Headed To TNA Wrestling?,


Bench Warmer
Wrestling Entertainment became official and public yesterday when the company announced that as of October 27th that he and his wife Sharmell had been released. The beginning of the end was when Booker found out that he was suspended for 60 days which made him irate. He was also said to be upset about certain changes in the WWE Wellness Policy and was thinking about not coming back after his suspension.

Booker had demanded that the company make changes to his contract such as allowing him to sit in on creative meetings leading up to his SummerSlam bout against Triple H to make sure that he was not buried. He wanted to wait and see how the SummerSlam match went before he re-signed with WWE, a move that he ended up never making.

With the statement that was released on yesterday saying that the release would be effective “October 27th” it looks like WWE wanted to send a clear message that Booker had been suspended on August 27th and they were actually fired from the company rather than him walking out. For those that have asked, TNA is interested in bringing in Booker and he’ll be free next week, so the company would be able to utilize him for their pay-per-view if they can get a deal worked out.