Birthday goodies..


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
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Some of you may know that I got a year older this past saturday (25th).. 27 now.. yeah..

Moving on!

I got some stuff oddly enough, and here it is!

Well some of it, because i didn't scan DVD's. Got two season of Star Trek Voyager, and few movies.. anywho, on to the pics!

First up, I couldnt get a good pic of this, because its not leaving its box, so here's a pic of it "in action"

Peyton Manning McFarlane - "collectors Edition". It's in this odd shaped box, never seen one of those before. My first Peyton figure, so that's cool.

Next is way more nerdy lol..

Batman Special Edition PEZ set! The special part is the logo on the "chest" of Bats himself. That's only in this set.

Left to right: Two-Face, The Riddler, The Joker and (most obviously) Batman

Got cards too.. whadda ya know.

First, this guy, in my humble opinion should be a first ballot hall of famer, I hope others will agree here. The only dane to ever play in the NFL. The all time leading points scorer. On BOTH the all 80's and 90's All Decades teams.

Morten Andersen Obak auto blue variant /5..

And this is part of the very first Ultimate set I decided to chase. Im now at 68/100 in that set.

Darren McFadden & Felix Jones II 08 Ultimate Signature Dual Jersey /10


holy niceness Batman..

I got Lucky on my birthday!!

Andrew Luck 2012 PP Fanfare Paydirt auto /50

That day turned out pretty good in my opinion :LOL:

oh, and to top it off, my fiance told me something hadnt made it over here yet.. so Im due "something" extra o_O I'll post it here when I get it. And if you're reading this, thanks for enduring this whole thing.
Very cool Mark! Glad you finally got your first Lucky auto. One of many to come, I hope!