BIG thanks to Ryo1549!! and some Seahawks stuff


Bench Warmer
First off, a BIG THANKS! to Ryo1549 for these awesome freebies! Freebies rock!


Ben Obomanu 06 Bowman Sterling rc auto refractor 762/900


Kelly Jennings 06 UD Ultimate Rookie Sigs auto 50/275 (on-card auto :cheers:)

Thanks so much Nate! Much appreciated!


I figure we could use a little mojo for Sunday so why not...

Hey, we need a Seahawks mailday! :dance:

A few others, mostly eBay, except the Engram, a store pick up, and the Favre 420 refractor, a pack pull:


Josh Brown 06 GG Gold X 7/100 (only need the O's to complete the set. If anyone has any, or knows where they are, please let me know!)


Deon Grant '00 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket auto


Bobby Engram 02 from the Super Bowl here in 2002, Topps Card Show (store pickup)


Brett Favre 07 Topps Chrome "Flight to 420" TD # 142 refractor 87/199 This card is sooooo pretty!

OK, that's enough, thanks for lookin!