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BGS Grading! Group Submissions


I'm entered into a group submission over at Sports Card Forum, $6 per card, $7 for AU! These are the cards I'm getting graded! Stay tuned as it's a 20 day turn around!
Here's the link if anyone wants in.....submissions end March 4th for this round!

  1. 01-02 SPx Henrik Zetterberg #R11 #0033/1250 BV-$30
  2. 05-06 The Cup Valtteri Filppula AU/Patch #170 #107/199 BV-$135
  3. 08-09 SPA Jonathan Ericsson FW Limited AU/Patch #230 #078/100 BV-$65
  4. 11-12 SPA Gustav Nyquist FW AU/RC #221 #367/999 $20


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
Cheap! Hope you get good grade Paul :)

Ive got at least a couple Id like in slabs, but only if the case at the top looks a certain way lol, some graded cards labels look awful. What company is it? :)


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
:LOL: I'll read up on it today and see just how many interested members it would take, or at least how many cards we'd want to have. I guess we only need 2 interested members if they both want to send in a ton of cards. Haha!
Well yes.. but I want it cheap too lolololol


Old School Vintage
I am sort of a fence sitter at this point in time.

I used to be 100% against slabbing cards (although I've always seen it as probably the best way of preserving cards). My primary reasons were the price and problem of how/where to store them. I'm still against the prices for slabbing, and the sellers who feel that since the thing has been authenticated and graded that they feel it should be worth tons more than a raw card.

A minor reason, one which I am sort of learning to live with is the feeling of distance from the card that the plastic puts between you and the card. I'm sort of an old-school hold it in your hands (by the edges :) )kind of collector.

If I looked really hard I could probably find a few higher-end cards I've got that would be worth slabbing. I do have some sweet cut sigs, and other auto cards, some fave rookies etc. I'm just not so sure about segregating them away from the rest of my collection.:cool: