BEER you DRINK >>> ???


Bench Warmer
What Beer / Alcohol do you Drink??

I Drink

Coors Light - because it has minimum calories & Carbs for Beer
Molson Canadian - Not so much anymore since i drink coors
Sleeman Honey Brown - on special occasions

Smirnoff ICE ULTRA - Has only 5% alc. compared to the reg. stuff at 7% , however reg. smirnoff ice has TWO and a HALF times MORE calories and like 30 times more Carbs ... ummm no thanks.


Abita Purple Haze
Allagash White
Belhaven Scottish Ale
Berkshire Drayman's Porter
Blue Moon Belgian White
Buzzards Bay Pale Ale
Buzzards Bay Lager
Casco Bay Riptide Red
Concord Grape
Dab Dark
Dos Equis
Entire Butt English Porter
Erdinger Hefe Weiss
Flying Dog In Heat Wheat
Fullers Esb
Fullers London Pride
Geary's Hampshire Ale
Geary's Pale Ale
Guinness Stout
Harpoon Ipa
Harpoon Summer
Harpoon Ufo
Hoegaarden Belgian White
Jever Pilsner
Killian's Red
Left Hand Milk Stout
Left Hand Saw Tooth Ale
Magic Hat#9
Magic Hat Blind Faith
Magic Hat Fat Angel
Magic Hat Humble Patience
Murphy's Irish Red
Murphy's Stout
Newcastle Brown Ale
Offshore Amber Ale
Old Speckled Hen
Otter Creek Copper Ale
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Paper City Holyoke Dam Ale
Radinburger Pilsner
Rogue Dead Guy
Sherwood Forest Archer Ale
Sherwood Forest Maple Porter
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Brown Ale
Sierra Nevada Porter
Sleeman's Honey Brown
Smuttynose Ipa
Smuttynose Old Brown Dog
Spaten Franciscaner Dunkle
Spaten Franciscaner Weiss
Sprecher Hefe
Stella Artois
Stoudts Gold Lager
Victory Hop Devil
Wachusett Black Shack Porter
Wachusett Blueberry
Wachusett Country
Victory Hop Devil
Wachusett Ipa
Wachusett Seasonal
Whales Tale
Woodchuck Cider
Young's Double Chocolate Stout
Young's Oatmeal Stout
Young's Special London Ale

any of those...or the basic Bud will do ;)
I have always been a Miller Lite fan but lately have really enjoyed their new is like a Corona with the lime already squeezed into the bottle...
Well myself i drink........
110 Proff Wild Turkey....Best know as Rare Breed Wild Turkey

Real smooth going down and a great taste also...It's one thats only blended with other bourbons.

I'm very disappointed in all of you.....

Bud Light?



Whats wrong with you guys?

We all know Sam Adams is the best. Octoberfest is the best Beer ever made!