BEER across the BORDER


Bench Warmer
Im wondering if ANYONE knows how much Beer your allowed to Buy at the DutyFree shop if your crossing the USA border into Canada???

ive tryed looking it up but cant find anything specific on it ... like 1 Case for every day spent in the USA ( after 48 hours ) , or is there a Max of say 3 Cases , doesnt matter how long you were in the USA ... also is it Case/s PER person or as a Group?

If anyone knows anything ... would be great!

Not sure if things have changed in the past 10 years, but it use to be you were allowed to bring back either 1 case of 24 of beer, or a 40oz bottle of liquor per legal person duty free, but you had to be across for a certain period of time. It may have been a week, that I can't remember. You can also stop on your way over to the US at the duty free shop, and purchase cigarettes, and alcohol, but they must be consumed before you return. So if you were to go to Florida for 2 weeks on vacation, you could buy a duty-free carton of smokes, and take them with you, as long as they were gone on your return.