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Hello all I just wanted to touch base with everyone. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on what they would be interested in. As of July 1st I will be starting a box and case break webpage. The goal is to do one case break a week. I know money is tight for some people well maybe most people. So I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on single box breaks for like 6-10 bucks a slot. Would anyone be interested in that. Please give me feedback because I want this to succeed and look forward to any ideas u have. I'm lucky to have been directed to this site. I have had a pleasure of meeting even though only through words alot of great down to earth people. I look forward to both of us growing and possibly growing together. Thank you in advance for your comments and ideas


Old School Vintage
That sounds cool. I might join in a few single box breaks at those prices.

Looking forward to see what the site looks like. I will try to visit it and give my opinions of its look, functionality etc...

  • You have probably already thought of this but make sure you have an easy to find link for your house box/case break rules/guidelines.
  • Also make it clear what forms of payment you will accept.
  • Oh and if you have limits to where you ship make that totally clear for potential international visitors to your site. Nothing more frustrating than to be all psyched up for something only to see they don't ship to your area/country.
  • Which shipping services you use (USPS, UPS, FedEx etc)
Those are some of the things I can think of right off that people will want to know before they say yes to joining a break.


TP9 | VC15
I agree with Kirk. Having everything known up front is definitely the way to go, as far as rules and guidelines go. Also, it might not be a bad idea to contact some guys who currently do these kinds of breaks and find out what works best for them. They may not want to give out that information to a "competitor", but it never hurts to ask.

Let me know when your site is up and going and I'll have a look. I'm sure I'd join a few of the lower end breaks, too, from time to time.


Mr. Baseball
I am always up for a break! Make sure that whatever you break has multiple hits. Very few people want to get into a break of a product that has 24 packs and only 1-2 hits. I also only like to join breaks that have a set break time, I have joined some that broke when full and sometimes the wait is forever.

Good luck!!
Webpage looks sick and I'm so excited to get this up and running. Wait to u guys see there's two pages for 2012 &2013 box breaks. I hope it will be up by monday
We are working on a membership in where u pay 9.99 per month and receive one box break a month,25% off all case and vix breaks as well as prizes for different aspects in football cards. Do you guys like this idea