Basketball Rookie Cards


Bench Warmer
Ive got a great selection of nothing but rookie cards to trade/sell-Theres 11 rookies-And here they are-

1996/97 Kobe Bryant Rookies
Fleer #203
Ultra #52
Fleer Metal #181
Topps #138
Hoops #281

1997/98 Tim Duncan Rookies
Stadium Club #201 ( 2 )

1997/98 Tracy McGrady Rookies
Stadium Club #217 ( 2 )

1996/97 Allen Iverson Rookie Cards
Upper Deck SP #141

1992/93 Shaq Oneal Rookies
Ultra #328

And a verry nice Serial Numberd card #153/429 of Kobe Bryant-From the 2006/07 Stadium Club-Called a First day Issue

Theres a good value here for someone-And i took scans of all the cards-and enlarged them as big as i could-And can foward them along to anyone who wants to see them-All i need is your email address-NOW on to what im looking for-For all of the above listed cards-They book for anywhere from $88.00 to $99.00 in another book-So ide at least like to get the same with Baseball cards-And thats not counting what ever the first day issue card is of Kobe Bryant-I do have other lower grade rookie cards of the same players i will also add in-witgh other rookies--Im now collecting Bowman Chrome rookies-or of there autoed or of there refractor versions-Im also looking for pack pulled baseball star players or retired stars or vintage autoed cards-or of some nice vintage star players game used card-like that of a Mantle or Williams exct-Or just make me a offer