Basketball RC, Insert & Auto's FT or FS


Bench Warmer
I haven't been into collecting Basketball cards much. The only ones I really do hold onto now are Detroit Pistons. Here is what I have for basketball. I would possibly do a trade but I mainly at looking to get some cash for these. I'd be willing to cut someone a very good deal if they bought everything. Let me know

I have...

95-96 Fleer Metal Kevin Garnett (Rookie Card) #167
06 UD Ultimate Collection: Ultimate Signatures Rashad McCants #US-RM
95-96 Fleer Metal Michael Jordan #13
96-97 Fleer Ultra Allen Iverson (Rookie Card) #82
96-97 UD SP Allen Iverson (Rookie Card) #141
96-97 UD SP Steve Nash (Rookie Card) #142
95-96 UD Kevin Garnett (Rookie Card) #273
90 Skybox NBA Hoops "Michael Jordan's Playground" #382
06' Upper Deck The Jordan Years #MJ23
92-93 UD Fanimotion Michael Jordan Agent 23 #506
99 UD SPx Decade Of Micael Jordan #J1
04-05 Fleer Tradition Sasha Vujacic (Rookie Card) #247
97-98 US Spx Tim Duncan (Rookie Card)
96-97 UD Allen Iverson (Rookie Card) #91
90 Skybox Shawn Kemp (Rookie Card) #268
00-01 Fleer Showcase Grant Hill #86
2008 Topps Julis Erving #194
00'-01' Fleer Tradition Hardcourt Classics Grant Hill #HC13
94-95 UD CC Grant Hill (Rookie Card)

Let me know asap I would like to just get rid of alot of the cards I really don't want to collect. One low price will take them all let me know your offers