Basketball player pins....


Bench Warmer
These are called "Pin Heads" from 1995.
These have regular pin backs on them for attaching to shirt, hat, etc..

I have the following pins for sale:

David Robinson - 3ea
Shawn Kemp - 1ea
Shaquille O'Neal - 4ea
Scottie Pippen - 2ea
Anfernee Hardaway - 5ea
Kevin Johnson - 1ea
Cliff Robinson - 1ea
John Stockton - 2ea
Grant Hill - 5ea
Dikembe Mutombo - 3ea
Gary Payton - 1ea
Clyde Drexler - 3ea
Charles Barkley - 4ea
Jason Kidd - 1ea
Akeem Olajuwon - 5ea

I'm asking $2.50 each + $1.50 shipping.
Discount for more than 3 pins.
I can accept PayPal!
Example of the Jason Kidd pin attached:


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