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Banners/Wallpapers and such that I made

Hey everyone!
Back at it again since I got photoshop downloaded back onto my laptop after it crashed. Had a friend from another site show me what I need to be able to do to create my own backgrounds, so finally decided to start creating my own..the first couple arent my own and than the rest you can tell they are getting better with almost everyone and i am very proud to be able to. Let me know what everyone thinks about them! Also, if you have any suggestions please let me know so I can always make them all better. If you are interested in a banner post in here, or send me a PM with what you want and everything..Really only like to make 3 or less guys on a banner prefer 2, but will make 4-5 if you would like them as a bigger banner!

Thanks for looking everyone!









Well, Just so everyone knows. The posts from the beginning are when I first started so not to great, but the end ones are ones I have recently made.
Also make them for free so if you ever need one just post here or PM me and I make them free and accept donations!


Hi Nate,
Good to see ya here, anyway you can do a new banner for me, would like a Darren Helm Lidstrom Datsyuk banner if you could?

Throw some Pens stuff your way after, thanks!