Back in the saddle again


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I've been away for far too long now. Moved into a new house. Moved into another company for work. Mike, I still have those cards & haven't forgotten about sending them to you. I had completely gone M.I.A. for months. It seems like years to be honest. This year has flown by at mach speed it feels. I got a super sick card coming in to celebrate my comeback. Stay tuned either later tonight or early tomorrow morning. Yep, I still work brutal night shift from 2200-0600, M-F. I currently have ZERO cards in my possession, except for the ones I still have to send Mike. I mostly buy anymore. Trading is tedious. I played a mess ton of golf this past summer & fall so far. Absolutely love golf more than baseball. Hockey still gets my pucks off to be honest. Anyway, enough rambling from this guy. I'm happy to be back in the saddle again... it's been far too long.

Hey Jon, welcome back man! Good to see you. I understand, completely, about going "M.I.A.", which most people on TCZ can attest to. :LOL: I'm in no hurry to get those cards. Honestly, I'd forgotten about them until today. Doesn't mean I don't want them, though! :D

Anyways, sounds like you've been staying busy at least, but glad to see you "back in the saddle again".
Hmmm the face looks familiar.....Welcome back to the zone Jon. I often feel the same way about trading. I prefer the general style of the team trading groups (bunch of team A for a bunch of team B with little or no regard to card values number of cards sent) or the blogging style. The type of "send me your address I've got some {insert team name and or specific player name here} cards to send to you"
Thanks peeps. Your cards Mike are actually sitting in one of those annoying cube like things women buy to store items in. I honestly can't wait to jump back into this place full time. I still wonder around aimlessly on TCC and SCF at times.