Back from wanker county.


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Spent the long weekend at the inlaws. They have an archaic PC so you may have seen me lurking but anytime I tried to post it would give me some bizarre error message which obviously is some problem within their PC or version of windows/java.

Anyways, nice to see everyone has been getting along and having fun this past college football weekend. Around 56 hours til kickoff baby :dance::dance: and those complacent, over confident Colts go down in flames :cheers:


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am i the only one to get the reference to the greatest show EVER?

are they fat and backward?...did you play oregon trail?


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This is Peyton Manning in room 1818, I'd like you to send up a 30' catfish po bo sandwhich please....

what the hell is that?????

i am off on thursday and have no plans on doing anything cause i'll end up forgetting about the game

welcome back kelly, nice to see everyone survived