Back from a show w/ some nice pickups


Bench Warmer
I just picked these up today at a show. LMK if your interested in anything. Im looking for similar autos or multi-colored patches in return. Thanks, Joe

Mike Alstott03 Prestige Signature Impressions Auto #ed 11/50 BGS 9.5/10 BV $40 Raw

Portis 02 UD Graded Auto RC 209/250 BV $80

Addai 07 PRess Pass Sophomore Sensations Auto BV $40

Lemont Jordan 01 Leaf R&S Auto RC /230 BV $40

Kevin Kolb 07 SPx Auto/Dual Jrsy RC 235/399 BV $40

I also picked these up over the last couple weeks. These will also be a lil harder to get. Thanks

1998 SPx Finite RC 0468/1998 (True Spx RC)

Chad Johnson 04 EX Auto/Patch #ed 04/05

Dan Reeves 99 UD Century Legends Epic Signatures

Eddie George 06 Contenders Award Winners Auto #ed 001/200


Bench Warmer
I gave $150 on the CJ and $250 on the Ginn so I need at least that much. I believe the Gore books at either $80 or $100.