Awesome College Collecting Group cards from JTorto


Bench Warmer
My chin is still a bit sore from when my jaw hit the floor after opening the envelope. Contained some awesome stuff from JTorto as part of the College Collecting Group.

Kenny King #/200, Kindal Moorehead #/900, Ozzie Newsome #/999

Newsome Prime Sigs auto #/40:dance:, Newsome LL jersey #/82

:salut::dance::salut:....INCREDIBLE!!! The Newsome Prime Sigs looks so much better in's a beautiful card. Love it, love it, love it!!! Besides that, the Kenny King was the card that probably got me the most excited. His cards virtually never show up on eBay (at least when I look), so getting that card was awesome :cheers: THANKS!!
Nice cards, sweetness from JTorto.

p.s. I submitted a request to join the do I go about gaining "entry"?