AUTO's, Game Used, Patch Cards! Nice List!!


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Looking to trade for especially HOF Autos & Gu, Nice Patch Cards, & Prospects!

Baseball Auto's

Dennis Eckersley 2014 Immaculate Auto/3 Color Patch /20
Alex Rodriguez 2000 Fleer Gamers Auto /150
Cal Ripken Jr. 2010 Topps 206 "Polar Bear" Auto
Mike Trout 2013 Gypsy Queen Auto/Gu Jsy /25
Billy Butler 2013 Museum Collection Auto/Patch/2x Gu Jsy /299
Mark Trumbo 2013 Tribute Auto /25
James Shields 2013 Gypsy Queen Auto
Zack Cozart 2013 Topps "Chasing History" Auto
Whitey Herzog 2013 Panini Cooperstown /699
Evan Longoria/Todd Frazier/Carlos Santana 2014 Triple Threads 3x Auto/3x Gu Jsy 27/27
Brandon Phillips 2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Auto/Gu Bat
Ernie Banks Hillshire Farms "Home Run Heroes" Auto (Schwartzs Sports) Tough Card!
Eric Hosmer 2011 Finest Refractor Auto/Gu Jsy /499
Eric Hosmer 2011 Finest Green Refractor Auto/Gu Jsy /149
Al Kaline 2014 Immaculate "Immaculate Ink" Auto /25
Jason Heyward 2014 Triple Threads Auto/Gu Jsy /75
Matt Adams 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Refractor Auto/Gu Jsy /199
Matt Adams 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Refractor Auto/Gu Jsy /199
Ross Detwiler 2009 Upper Deck "Signature Stars" Auto
Denny Mclain 2011 Limited "Limited Greats" Auto /499
Asdrubal Cabrera 2013 Pinnacle Auto
Kelly Johnson 2013 Pinnacle Auto
Denard Span 2013 Pinnacle Auto
Kelly Johnson 2013 Pinnacle Auto
Shane Sellers 1995 Horse Star Cards Auto
Jackie Joyner-Kersee 2008 UD Goudy "Sport Royalty" Auto
Luis Castillo 2008 Topps Auto
Colby Rasmus 2014 Topps Tier One Auto /299
Andrew Cashner 2010 Topps "Peek Performance" Auto
Scott Baker 2007 Artifacts "Autofacts" Auto
Rondell White 1997 Donruss Signature Series Auto
Joe Charboneau 2013 Panini "Hometown Heroes" Auto
Mike Olt 2013 Triple Threads Auto/Gu Jsy /99
Josh Willingham 2013 Prizm Auto
Jesus Montero 2012 Triple Threads Auto/Gu Jsy /75
Juan Rivera UD Diamond Collection "ProSigs" Auto
Wilin Rosario 2013 Topps "Chasing History" Auto
Carlos Martinez 2014 Gypsy Queen Auto
Patrick Corbin 2014 Gypsy Queen Auto /25
Andrew Dawson 2013 Panini Cooperstown "Cooperstown Signatures" Auto /599
Steve Delabar 2014 Allen & Ginter Framed Mini Auto
Mickey Rivers 2006 Topps "Team Topps" Auto
Bert Campaneris 2013 Leaf Cut Signature "Pride of the Pinstripe" Cut Auto

Baseball Game Used!

Jurickson Profar/Elvis Andrus/Adrian Beltre 2014 Triple Threads Gu PATCH /9 (SUPER SICK PATCH)
Yu Darvish/Ian Kinsler/Elvis Andrus/Adrian Beltre 2014 Museum Collection Quad Game Used (Kinsler is a Patch) /75
Prince Fielder 2013 Panini America's Pastime "Combo "Swatches" Dual Multi Color Patch /10
Mark Roth 2014 Allen & Ginter Gu Shirt (Bowler)
Anthony Bourdain 2014 Allen & Ginter Used Shirt (Chef)
Sammy Sosa 2007 Allen & Ginter Framed Mini Gu Bat
Carlos Delgado 2004 Topps Pristine Gu Jsy
Matt Morris 2004 LCM Gu Jsy /200
Lance Berkman 2005 Origins "Old Judge" Gu Jsy
Jim Edmonds 2006 Turkey Red Gu Jsy
Jim Edmonds 2002 Topps Heritage Gu Jsy
Johnny Cueto 2012 A&G Gu Jsy
Eric Chavez 2004 SPX "Winning Materials" Dual Gu Jsy
Mike Sweeney 2004 PAM Dual Gu Bat/Jsy /250
Jake Peavy 2005 Topps "All-Star Stitches" Gu Jsy (Orange Jsy)
Lance Berkman 2004 Topps Gu Jsy
Yadier Molina 2014 A&G Gu Jsy
Stephen Strasburg 2013 Topps "Chasing History" Gu Jsy
Don Mattingly 2008 UD Masterpieces "Captured on Canvas" Gu Jsy
David Ortiz 2008 UD Masterpieces "Captured on Canvas" Gu Jsy
Carl Yastrzemski 2006 Upper Deck Epic Gu Jsy /185
Tony Gwynn/Dave Winfield 2001 SPX "Winning Materials" Dual Gu Jsy
Orlando Cepeda 2011 Limited "Gear" Dual Patch /20
Ryan Braun 2013 Tribute WBC Multi-Color Gu Patch /81
Alex Rodriguez 2003 Fleer Focus "MLB Shirtified" Gu Jsy
Dave Winfield 2011 Topps 60 Gu Bat
Eddie Murray 2005 Sweet Spot Classic Gu Jsy
Tony Gwynn 2005 Donruss Champions "Impressions" Gu Jsy
Jake Peavy 2006 UD Game Patch 3 Color Gu Patch
Adam Dunn 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Materials Framed Black Gu Jsy/Bat /10
Eric Chavez 2003 Fleer Patchworks Mulit Color Gu Patch /100
Wade Boggs 2002 Fleer Classic "Classic Cuts" Gu Jsy
Robinson Cano 2007 SPX "Winning Materials" Bronce 25/25
Luis Aparicio 2007 Sweet Spot Classics Gu Jsy
Jason Heyward 2014 Immaculate Triple Gu Patch (Multi Color Sick) /10
Ryan Howard 2011 Triple Threads (Gu Jersey Spells) "45+HRS 4 TIMES" /9
Albert Belle 2013 Topps "Chasing History" Gu Bat
Randy Johnson/Curt Schilling 2002 Upper Deck "Double Game-Worn Gems" Dual Gu Jsy /100
Joey Votto 2013 Tribute WBC (SICK MULTI COLOR PATCH) Gu Patch /118 GONE
Ryan Braun 2013 Museum Collection "Quad Qualities" Quad GU Patch 1/5 SICK PATCHES! FIRST ONE MADE 1/5
Harmon Killebrew 2011 Limited "Limited Materials" Gu Jsy
Carlos Lee 2008 SPX "Winning Materaials" Gu Jsy /150
Trevor Hoffman 2008 SPX "Winning Materials" Gu Jsy /150
Billy Butler 2013 Triple Threads Gu Jsy /27 (Gu Jsy Spells "2012 AL All STAR)
Ian Kinsler 2013 Triple Threads Gu Bat /36 (Gu Bat Spells "Bootsy")
Jayson Werth 2013 Triple Threads Gu Jsy /27
Jason Giambi 2008 SPX "Winning Materials" Gu Jsy /125
Craig Biggio 2013 Triple Threads Gu Jsy /27
Justin verlander 2013 Topps "All Star Stitches" Gu Jsy
Andre Ethier 2013 Allen & Ginter Gu Jsy
John Maine 2008 SP Legendary Cuts "Destination Stardon" Gu Jsy
Melvin Mora 2010 Upper Deck "UD Game Jersey" Gu Jsy
Cameron Maybin 2008 Topps Gu Jsy
Melvin Mora 2008 Topps Gu Jsy
Elvis Andrus 2014 Topps Trajectory Gu Bat
Carlos Lee 2009 UD Spectrum Gu Jsy
Carlos Beltran 2008 Topps Gu Jsy
Carlos Lee 2002 Leaf "Shirt Off My Back" Gu Jsy
Rafael Palmeiro 2003 Upper Deck "Leading Swatches" Gu Jsy
Jim Edmonds 2001 SPX "Winning Materials" Gu Jsy/Bat
Mark Buehrle 2008 Upper Deck Gu Jsy
Marlon Byrd 2011 Topps 60 Gu Jsy
Alfonso Soriano 2005 Fleer "Diamond Tributes" Gu Bat
Ben Sheets 2008 Topps Gu Jsy
Miguel Tejada 2008 Upper Deck Timeline Gu Jsy
Jered Weaver 2012 Topps Heritage "Clubhouse Collection" Gu Jsy
Adam Eaton 2014 Triple Threads Gu Jsy /27
Louie Mascot Patch 2013 Topps Pro Debut /120
Troy Tulowitzki 2009 Upper Deck "Game Materials" Gu Jsy
Paul Lo Duca 2004 Donruss "Timber & Threads" Gu Bat
Mike Moustakas 2014 Topps Heritage "Clubhouse COllection" Gu Jsy
Adrian Beltre 2003 Fleer Patchworks Gu Patch /100
Darin Erstad 2002 Fleer Ex "Hit & Run" Gu Bat
Barry Zito 2003 Donruss Studio Gu Jsy /300
Rick Porcello 2014 Gypsy Queen Mini Framed Gu Jsy
Robinson Cano 2013 Topps Update "Topps Card Patch"
Joe Nathan 2013 Topps Update "All Star Stitches" Gold Gu Jsy /50
Adam Dunn 2013 Triple Threads Gu Jsy /36 (Gu Jsy Spells "BIGGIN")
Garret Anderson 2008 SPX "Winning Materials" Gu Jsy /150
Robinson Cano 2013 Triple Threads Gu Jsy /36
Ryan Howard 2007 Topps "All Star Stitches" Gu Jsy
Roy Campanella 2009 Topps Historical Commemorative Patch
Chris Young 2009 Upper Deck Gu Jsy
Brooks Robinson 2010 Topps "1964 MLB All-Star Game Commemorative Patch"
Brian Matusz 2011 Topps "Throwback" 1970 Orioles Commemorative Patch
Chris Davis 2014 Topps Commemorative Patch
Jim Palmer 2011 Topps "Throwback" 2008 Orioles Commemorative Patch
Miguel Tejada 2004 Upper Deck "Marquee Attractions" Gu Jsy
Torii Hunter 2008 SPX "Winning Materials" Gu 3 Color Patch /99
Jamie Moyer 2004 Upper Deck "Awesome Honors" Gu Jsy
Jonathan Papelbon 2009 UD Spectrum Gu Jsy
Carl Crawford 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Dual Gu Jsy /200
Jose Reyes 2014 Topps "Trajectory" Gu Jsy
Aubrey Huff 2008 UD Spectrum "Retrospectrum Swatches" Gu Jsy
Jarrod Parker 2014 Topps "Trajectory" Gu Jsy
Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carl Crawford, B.J. Upton, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran 2009 Blallpark Collecton "Emerging Stars" Eight Swatch GU Piece /75
Nick Johnson 2003 Topps Chrome Gu Bat
Jarrod Parker 2014 Donruss "Game Gear" Gu Jsy
David Ortiz 2012 Topps "Blockbusters" Commemorative Patch
Juan Diaz 2002 Donruss Originals Gu Jsy /500
Felix Doubront 2013 Triple Threads Auto/Gu Jsy /99
Felix Doubront 2013 Triple Threads Auto/Gu Jsy /99
Felix Doubront 2013 Triple Threads Auto/Gu Jsy /99
Adrian Gonzalez 2012 Topps "Golden Moments" Gu Jsy
Victory Martinez 2010 Topps "MLB All Star Game" Gu Jsy
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hi buddy what do you need for these in trade thanks rob
David Ortiz 2008 UD Masterpieces "Captured on Canvas" Gu Jsy
David Ortiz 2012 Topps "Blockbusters" Commemorative Patch

chad baker

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interested in mike trout auto

have kris Bryant auto
Anthony Rizzo auto
wong finest auto
ryan sandberg hall of fame patch auto to 10
many macardo usa patch rc auto
Jason heyward rc auto
alex wood rc auto to 25 refractor
cal ripken jersey auto to 25

have others let me know what your looking for in return