AUTO/GU/RC'S by Team. lmk which team you want!


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hey tonight i am going to go through a box field with a couple thousand cards containing nothing but RC Autos & RC's with a few GU in there, most everything being from the past 5 years or less. LMK which team you want and I will pull them for you as I go through! I usually sort my cards by their current team but more people seem to go for them by the uniform on the card plus its much quicker lol but I can do either way. I am asking $2 per Auto, $1 per GU, and $0.25 per RC (they are mostly higher end brands like Draft, Chrome, SC 1st Day Issue, Elite, etc.)

Please post your team here or pm and I will get you a total. Thanks!


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Thanks for the replies and I will get all of your lots put together this weekend!
I will make your lot 1 of 2 ways. Either current players/coaches in whatever uniform as long as they are currently within the organization at some level
everything I have current and former players as long as it has on your teams uniform. So please specify which way you want me to put your lot together.

ALSO I will ONLY be selling these as team lots. I will get you a total and a price based on my rates in the first thread SO PLEASE be prepared to pay that price before you ask me to put a lot together for you!! I have had a couple people ask me for a lot and after I spent a few hours putting it together ask me for a list then picked only the better autos off it and expected me to sale them for $2. So I wanted to clarify that this is all or none in these lots the good with the bad lol.
And just for reference based on the lots I have put together so far. There will probably be 20-30 Autos or $40-$60 there and probably an easy 50+ RC's or $10-$20 on them with no more than a couple bucks usually in the GU / Base category. So I look forward to getting more replies but please be prepared to pay my price before you ask me to put a lot together for you! Thanks and have a great day!