Authentication? Should I or shouldn't I


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I hope this is the right forum for this at least...

Anyway, I have 5 hockey cards I got signed. 4 of them were through the mail, and one of them was in person. They are...

05-06 UD Victory Jim Howard #290
01-02 Atomic Alexei Yashin #62
07-08 UD Artifacts Alexei Yashin #25
01-02 UD Champs John LeClair #66
02-03 SPx SPXcitement John LeClair #96

Since these are my only 5 auto's that aren't "authenticated" by the manufacturer, and since I don't plan on doing much more, is it worth getting these 5, or maybe only 2, authenticated? If I was to have to sell or trade.

And then there is the question-ability of the fact if the authenticators even do get it authenticated. Because I don't want to waste $50 and have a card, which I know is a real autograph, given back to me and told was a fake.


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You can have them do a quick check for a cheap price and authenticate them if that comes back good. That way the chance of it coming back fake is low.


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I never thought of that. The main card I want done is my Howard though, even though it isn't in the system, can they use my card and have it be the first? Or do they do that stuff on their own time?