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Football ** >AUCTION< FOOTBALL 🏈 4 Box GB ** >> 2021 Absolute Mega Box Break (4 Autos + 4 Relics)


Picked these up 11/2, and since the football break was a hit the first time, figured with guaranteed hits and how nice this product this, we'd try it! I found out that Kaboom inserts are in this product too!

Each Mega has 2 hits (1 auto and 1 relic per box). 4 Packs per box, 10 cards per pack, total of 16 packs!

Transitioned to an Auction Style break due to limitations it seems on teams.
Those that previously picked teams, I've transitioned you to $1 picks. If you'd like to be removed, please let me know.

Total Required: $375.
Each auction price is shipped. Once that amount is reached, the bidding is done and sales will be posted.
>>Bid increments only by the whole dollar.

Dallas Cowboys $5 dad3309
Washington FT $5 dad3309
New York Giants $2 zlw1
Philadelphia Eagles $2 journeyman
Carolina Panthers $2 zlw1
New Orleans Saints $2 journeyman
Tampa Bay Bucs $10 cjay101
Atlanta Falcons $5 crazyderik
Green Bay Packers $5 journeyman
Chicago Bears $10 cjay101
Detroit Lions $2 journeyman
Minnesota Vikings $10 journeyman
Seattle Seahawks $10 journeyman
San Francisco 49ers $10 cjay101
LA Rams $5 crazyderik
Arizona Cardinals $2 zlw1

Miami Dolphins $2 journeyman
New England Patriots $20 journeyman
New York Jets $10 cjay101
Buffalo Bills $3 zlw1
Baltimore Ravens $2 zlw1
Cleveland Browns $5 dad3309
Pittsburgh Steelers $5 dad3309
Cincinnati Bengals $8 dragonslayer913
Jacksonville Jaguars $10 cjay101
Tennessee Titans $5 mcgwirenut
Indianapolis Colts $2 zlw1
Houston Texans $2 zlw1
Kansas City Chiefs $15 crazyderik
LA Chargers $3 zlw1
LV Raiders $2 zlw1
Denver Broncos $5 journeyman

Balance needed $189.00
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TP9 | VC15
Nice to see some football breaks back on the site. You should do well once some of the old football break buffs notice there's someone here doing these again.