As if we didn't have enough day trippers.


Bench Warmer
"bought an 850-square-foot cabin on Candlewood Isle for $895,000 last April." :doh::doh::doh::doh::doh:

ok nice place, but someone got RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!! i don't care how serine (sp?) it is and how nice a place it is, man made lake and way over priced "cabins"


Bench Warmer
think i will buy a summer home there... might need a first home though.... and an extra million on top of that.... on second thought i believe i will just stay home and touch myself

I wish my house was worth even half of what the houses on the lake go for. Worst part of that article that I read was that "primary" home values have dropped 1-5% for the past two years or something like that. This is my primary home. :( Good thing I'm not selling for like 30 years. :cheers: