Are Michael Jordan cards the most sought after cards by collectors?

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Michael Jordan is the most famous basketball player on the face of the earth. Almost every person in the world who could think knows his name and who he is. He's such a great player. Does this also make the Michael Jordan cards the most sought after cards by collectors?


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Not necessarily...there are a lot of things that factor into a card being desirable. Just because a given player if the "most famous" or the "greatest" doesn't alone make his cards the most popular or sought after. It helps though...a lot.

Plus, Jordan's cards were produced in an era where sports cards in general were printed in very high not many are rare. I'm not a basketball collector, so I can't get into too many specifics...but to someone who enjoy sports cards (like myself) only one Jordan comes to mind. That is the 1986-87 Fleer #57, the famous Jordan rookie.

For example, I am a football guy mostly and my favorite player (and favorite to collect) is Joe Montana. I would say in football Montana is about as popular as Jordan in basketball. The majority of the Montanas I own are dirt cheap. I still love them, but because they printed so many, they hold little value.

Jordan is highly collected, no doubt about that. But, a players collect-ability...or the degree to which their cards are sought after is not alone dependent on the level of the players popularity (and thus their value is not alone dependent on it).


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It could and would be sought after if it was a rarer card. Like I have seen a Michael Jordan patch go for $8K. I would never pay $8K for a patch - but for a card that rare, it is obviously a deserved price tag.


I agree that Jordan cards came out with card collecting was really a big thing, so there are a ton of them out there. If you have one, though, I would suggest holding onto it or not selling it unless you're getting a good price for it.

As to how much I would spend...I just wouldn't spend $8k or $9k on a Jordan or ANY card. I do enjoy collecting, but that's ridiculous!


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I have a Jordan card that is embedded within a plaque. It's pretty valuable as it is in near mint condition and has a gold stamp on it. Not willing to part with it though. Not yet anyways.