Anyone with knowledge of Electrical Systems...


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What is the load (ie, what can we have plugged in at the same time) for the two following options...

(A) 10amp/120volt/1200watt electric line
(B) 20amp/120v/2400watt electric line


Bench Warmer
They can run one of those two lines out to our table, just not sure what the load capacity is...

EG, we want Lisa's laptop plugged in, space for cell phones to charge, etc... I'm guessing the smaller watt will work, just checking. Not like we are bringing out a mini fridge (don't even own one)


actually we could get away with the 10 amp if its cheaper. (typical electrical outlet)


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I would ask my kid (since that's his thing in college) but he's out with the girlfriend ..... when in doubt, use the larger of the two ....20 amp, saves trips to the fuse box to reset