Anyone Willing..........

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Bench Warmer
hey is anyone willing to donate their points or a few 2 me if u are never going 2 use them ?

lmk hit me up!!!!!!

thanxs:D :cool:
alrighty then come on peeps hook a bother up if any of ya dont know about the points and how 2 donate them ill help ya out !:D :cool:
plz plz plz come on now if u arent going to use them or have no need for em then dont let them go 2 waste let some one that will use them have em! :D:cool:
what do you need more points for anyways......and points can always be used for stuff like points auctions and price checks ....ect!!!!!
yea i know i am but im just saying towards the ppl that make a profile and have no point 4 them like if they no they are never going 2 use them! :D
You can not ask for points. This thread is closed. If you want points, earn them by posting or referring people to the site. Or buy or trade for points. - MOD
Not open for further replies.