Anyone still collecting Chris Henry?


Bench Warmer
Stopped by my new favorite card store here in Sandy Eggo... CJ's! :cheers:

Bought a new pair of Seahawks earrings... heck, my old ones were kinda worn out... and picked up a few packs of the new Donruss Elite '07.

First pack, I pulled a great 2 color jersey card!!:cheers: :dance: :clap:

Uhhh.. the other news...


(No offense Bengals fans) It's Chris Henry :doh:

If anyone wants it, let me know now, or you never know, I might actually start selling stuff on eBay :lollol:


Bench Warmer
At least it's a nice card:D Too bad there isn't a West Virginia member in the College Collector's Group or I'd try to take it off your hands;)