Anyone know about electronic muscle stimulators?


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My knee is in sad shape. Sitting on the floor, I can straight lift my leg up about an inch. :boohoo:


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they are mostly used for muscle issues, not too many muscles in the knee, its all tendons and stuff...

they are fun to hook up in burst mode on your arm and make it flop about as the pulses hit...

my dad had one back in the day, and after my car accident they would hook one up to my back at the chiropractor to loosen me up before adjustment


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i have one for my shoulder, it doesn't like my back cause i forget i have it on and it tightens up.

what do you need to know about them andy? hooking them up to your legs is kinda interesting if you have pants on.

they have little pads that you stick on you and mine has 8 different burst modes and 4 alternate ones on the top of it, and than there is the speed. you can control how long the bursts are and how many zaps per second you get. i have mine set on 30 zaps per second for a "massage", but i only use it on my shoulder. gotta be careful using them because they feel good when you use them but if you leave them on too long, they stimulate the muscle too much and you hate life later.


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Not sure. My aunt is a masseuse and she thought it might help. I know the muscle above my knee is a problem. Mainly need to know if a EMS will do any significant muscle increase.