Anyone have an aquarium?


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I have a 10 gallon aquarium. It's another hobby that I love to do. Currently I have these fish species as my setup:

- 4 Neon Tetra
- 4 Green Spotted Cory Catfish
- 1 Apple Snail
- 1 Plecostamus or Pleco

It's very relaxing to watch them swim around and play with each other.

Feel free to post any of your aquariums and set ups. I'll try to get photos on here soon.
Actually, my fiancé has one. But she hasnt used it since I've known her. Once in a while she talks about setting it up again. So, who knows, maybe I'll add pics in here one day :)
we use to have a 100 gal salt water tank. i enjoyed it so much to watch all the colorful fish and the salt water life. had to get rid of it during my last deployment. wife was pregnant and sick so she couldnt handle it and are son. one day i will have another one lol