Anyone excited for the new PS4?


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Playstation had a press conference yesterday where they presented all the new ideas/controller etc etc..

The specs look AMAZING! the Kinect rip off, not so much lol. Not sure what I think of the controller just yet..

And if Im understanding it right, there'll be no discs of PS4 games, only downloads. Eliminating all used game sales for a ton of stores. Wonder how much that could hurt the business if thats true o_O But it'll still have a blu-ray drive for movies and backwards compatibility (I hope)

Anyone watch/read about it? Anyone excited? Anyone care at all? lol :p

EDIT: I think I misread something, there will be ps4 discs? Im confuzzled lol
Was price mentioned in any of the articles you read? Just curious.

I don't own a PS3, so maybe I'll be able to pick one up soon cheap. :p
No prices in anything Ive read. But a site over here has it listed at 4000dkk, which is around $700. And a controller at 999dkk, which is $170-ish.. but its inflated over here, so this doesn't help at all lol

But if you get a ps3, feel free to add me :)
Not really a Playstation person, but I will be looking forward to the Xbox 720 when it comes out