Anyone ever see the movie Hot Fuzz??


I had never heard of it, but one of my wife's clients recommended it based on the movies we liked. This movie was ridiculously funny as hell. It blatantly spoofs Bad Boys II and Point Break among other movies, and it had me dying at times.

It's a British movie, which is probably why I hadn't heard of it, but I highly recommend it. Certainly worth the rent!


Bench Warmer
I'm assuming you never heard of Shaun of the Dead. Same 2 guys spoofing Zombies movies. If you think Hot Fuzz was funny, you have to check out Shaun of the Dead.


Bench Warmer
Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are two of my top-10 favorite movies of all-time. Great flicks, lots of laughs and that awesome British humor (seriously).


Bench Warmer
I seen it and many times thru it I wanted to cut it off but ended up watching it all. It must be the Brittish humor, but I didnt care for it.
And Bama the other movie with the same name had Jerry reed and Dom Deluise. It was a funny movie.