Anyone else see the space shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station?


They just did a tandem fly-by. Essentially it looked like two really bright stars moving in tandem accross the sky, starting on the Northwest horizon and crossing to the Southeast. The whole thing lasted only a matter of minutes.

I've always been an astronomy geek of sorts, so I dug it. In case anyone missed it and wants to see it, they'll be doing a tandem fly-by again tomorrow. I don't know if the time will be the same, but it started at about 9:31 Central time here in Illinois. You could probably google it.


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Didn't see it this time but have seen it before, very cool to see it zip accross the sky, glad they got those p/c's working. I've always been a space nut.


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actually i was going to text you about it brian and i didnt know you were an astronomy geek, im a meterology geek now i was out doing forcasts yesterday...


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This site has more info as well:

You need to sign up, it's free, and you can program any city you want, and can have several sites. They have star maps and plots to show you where the ISS is going to be, the brightness (magnitude) and direction of travel. They also track the Hubble Space Telescope, the Genesis-1, Envisat, and dozens more. They have tons more info as well. One of my favorite astronomy sites.

Yeah, I'm an astronomy geek too. ;)


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Thanks for the heads up. I went to look at the site and saw that I could see it tonight at 9:21. I saw them both. Really cool.