Baseball Any interest in a monthly pick your team baseball break?


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Just wanted to get a feel for interest in starting a baseball group break. I'd like to keep the same format as Ken's old break so all teams would be available. We'll discuss it more later, but the cost would be in the $25-50/month range. All cards from unclaimed teams would be randomized to everyone in the break. The break would include products from the last 2 years.

So, anyways, who would be interested? What would your monthly limit, per team, be? It might also not hurt to go ahead and list what team(s) you'd be interested in. If it's decided to give it a go, the teams will be offered to members in the order they reply to this thread.

I'll kick it off by saying I'm definitely in with the Rangers.

Mike - Rangers
Indiana Jones - Yankees
PAVI39 - Brewers
franklinguy52 - Reds
franklinguy52 - Angels
Taliasen - Tigers / Athletics(?)
Obert22 - Red Sox
captkirk42 - Nationals
OldNewRips - Mets
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Is there a possibility of going slightly higher end and then razzing spots for players?

I'm sure we definitely don't have the member base right now for player spot breaks. I'm not a fan of those anyways. I much prefer team breaks, personally.


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I may be able to do like every other month. Primarily Tigers. However if we know the product in advance and have access to the checklist, I may switch to the A's if Rickey is in it.