Any interest in a Marino or Elway rc?


Bench Warmer
I want to move these ASAP!! Check my bucket for pics. Looking for Steeler auto's or Smoke auto's in return. Will also entertain cash offers!
steelers#1fan said:
What value for these:

Bowman SOF Lynch
Jackson Donruss Threads redemption?

Jackson/Clowney...probably $40+, Jackson Donruss Gems Auto Redemption probably $40+, and the Lynch is $50...due to it coming from a lower end product. The Lynch from the same Donruss product is double to triple the Jackson in pricing. I'm just basing this by ebay book value X3. Most cards on ebay only carry a 20-25% close price on their BV. And I'm being generious and saying it's closing at 33% of BV.

Would you be interested in a trade/cash deal for the Marino and Elway rookies instead? I thought about it, and the only card I really need is the Woodley auto.
steelers#1fan said:
I'm sorry, I didn't understand your reply. What about Randle El?

I'll just make it easy. Wait til Friday til when I can update my new tradelist. Hopefully something will catch your eyes.