Football ANTHONY GONZALEZ ????? Bv...


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Can someone tell me the bv on this card! I can't seem to find it so I thought I ask.

It's a 2007 donruss gridiron gear rc double prime jersey auto numbered 7/50 !

Thanks very much'


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This one maybe?

Total Value :$50.00

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2007 Donruss Gridiron Gear Rookie Jerseys Prime Autographs 208 Anthony Gonzalez NM-MT Own 1 Subscribe Now!


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Yea' I found it in the book. There is so much stuff in the book and I allways have a hard time finding stuff'

that card with just the auto books at 50.00 but with the dual patches''.. 7/50 it's goes anywhere between 4-times to 1-time so I guess 100.00 to 150.00



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For the Gonzalez, the Auto/Patch is #'ed to 50 and the auto is a pull-out auto #'ed to 100, but both book the same at 50.00. Below is a listing from an earlier post when I had the New Release Pricing.

Rookie Pull-Out Auto #/100 ------------Dual Patch/Autos #/50

M. Lynch 100.00 ----------------------------- 100.00
C. Johnson 150.00 ----------------------------150.00
A. Peterson 350.00 ---------------------------350.00
B. Quinn 150.00 ------------------------------150.00
J. Russell 100.00 ----------------------------#/10 - N/A
J. Beck 60.00 --------------------------------- 60.00
A. Gonzalez 50.00 ----------------------------- 50.00



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I still don't know how you are just coming up with 50.00...maybe I'm missing something!

from the new beckett on page 65 under 2007 donruss gridiron gear card 208 list for 50.00 just like you said but on page 66 under jersey prime auto's print run to !/50 it says 4-times to 1-time so woulden't that mean anywhere between the 4 and the 1 times 50.00 so let's say it could go for anywhere form 50.00 to 200.00?