Another reason to hate the Patsies


Bench Warmer
I'm sure this has been in the works for months now but does it seem a little arrogant that the same week Bilichek (sp) gets caught cheating and found guilty and fined by the NFL, the owner rewards him with a contract extension?

Like I said, I'm sure it was already in the works but since all of this cameragate stuff wouldn't it be better to wait a few weeks?

Just makes them look even more cocky and "we are above everyone else" to me. :roll:


Bench Warmer
Well, the Pats and Belichick have had an agreement not to disclose terms of his contract, so it's very possible that this is really the final year on his old deal and they had to extend him. "Cheating" or not, the Pats would have a helluva tough time replacing him.