Another problem with an eBayer... Did I do the right thing...


NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
Just a crazy weekend trying to sell on the 'Bay.

Had problems with the.vault.5, who has only been on the 'Bay for about seven months, has a feedback of "8", and wants to rule the world.

I had the Dale Jr 2016 NT Printing Plate listed with a Buy It Now.

I have a total of 15 PMs from "the.vault.5" that tell the whole story, but to shorten it down, here is what happened.

Let's call them TV5... they sent me two offers with "traders" and no cash offer. Both times I explained "No trades".

So, they hit the BIN... and send a PM explaining that they didn't want to lose the card, so they hit the BIN with the hopes that I would do a trade.

Okay, PMd them... NO TRADE.

So, and here is where it started going downhill really fast... they DEMAND (yes, no asking telling me ...) that they want the card shipped overnight because it cost over $200. They offered to pay, but I explained that was not part of the deal and if they paid (this was Friday night) I would use DC Tracking and Insurance (as shown in the listing) and the card would go out Saturday.

Well, after a couple BS PMs, to include "no excuses, but please call me at... so we can discuss this sale." I politely told them no and sort of gave in with the shipping overnight, but explained due to being down to one car I would not be able to ship until the following Friday.

They were okay with that except... "I will pay Thursday". Once again, trying to be polite, I told them since they did the BIN I would appreciate payment now. They tried to tell me they have seven days using the BIN. After a couple more PMs they decided to go ahead and pay.

Guess what... "we don't have the funds. can we pay Thursday?"

Okay, tired and upset I suggested we cancel the deal and again, after a couple PMs, they agreed to cancel, although I was being rude to them.

Since then, I have received two PMs begging me to take a "higher offer" and accept their deal and wait until next week and two PMs telling me what a jerk I am and Negative Feedback was going to be filed against me.

Am I the bad guy here? I filed a complaint this morning with eBay and have blocked the member from any future auctions and PMs.

Just venting.. didn't realize I was going to write a book. thanks for input guys... really bummed at this scenario!
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Dude, walk away. This has red flags all over it. This buyer is going to be a problem for you...even if the deal gets done. If it were me, I would cancel the sale...block them and relist it.


NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
done done and done.... and SOLD! I have a guy that I've dealt with for over ten years waiting for the chance to jump on this card... so it's gone. just sad that this guy had to give me such a run-around.

by-the-way...the eBay ID is listed under a female...and "send to" address is listed under a male... different cities. Another RED FLAG!


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Wish I would have logged on and saw this a when first posted. My boy would have loved that for his birthday.


NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
just a short update... took several days to get eBay to remove his negative comments, but they allowed the "negative" to stay.

and after a few "go-rounds" with eBay, I finally got the person completely blocked and they have changed their addresses to only one now. funny how they had one address as the bidder and another one as the buyer.. from different states. not sure how they got away with that.