An Ode to TCG


Bench Warmer
When I log into :tcg:, I find a great group of :many: that love to :refill: and :drink: and :secret: about cards.
Then they :drunker: some more. Then comes some :hungry: and more food. But what makes :tcg: so great is the

diversity...people from :usa:, :uk:, :philippines:, :canada:, :scotland:, and :dominican: (sort of). You have people that have served our

country, :helmet:, and Kenny :kenny:, big people :weight:, smart people :study:, old people :papasmurf:, cool people :cool:, funny people :joker:,

women :queen:, and people in a :band:. We may get into a :starwars: once in awhile...but in the end, we are one big happy family. :many: