Amandashubby2010 is the man!


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A week or so ago I was about to start trade talks with @Amandashubby2010 for a few HOF autos and a sweet Cowboys legends GU card he had. Out of the blue he sends me a message asking for my address and telling me that they're mine. While I will be re-paying him at some point, what a great gesture it is to send a package to someone in this hobby without asking for a single thing in return. Definitely one of my favorite things about TCZ is the generosity of the members and it was just proven here once again.

Today I checked the mail and here's what I found inside the package.


Bob Lilly / Don Meredith / Chuck Howley /99


Bob Lilly


Y.A. Tittle /20


Morris Claiborne /199

There was also a Troy Aikman base from '91 Upper Deck and a Tony Romo from '07 Topps DPP. Thanks a ton for the package Mike! VERY much appreciated!
WOW!!! What an unbelievable gesture. Mike definitely has a made a great site for all of us, as I am a kid at heart myself. Congrats @Mike that is some very sweet adds!