Am I a jerk or rightfully concerned??



I think I'm about to make national waves.

Today we bought our kids a play thing and after I got it home found a little itty bitty warning buried on the back: "WARNING: this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer."


First of all, it only causes cancer in California? Yeah, right.

Second, how can this be safe and acceptable for kids to play with?

The packaging is clearly geared towards kids and is made for use by kids. Its also sold nationwide and I got it at Toys R Us.

I went to the manufacturers website and found the product data sheet on it. Warnings all over. It says its only dangerous with multiple exposures and single exposure is ok.

HUH?? How many kids play with a toy once?

It even mentions that distributors and salespeople be trained to warn customers of the possible risks. I was not warned.

So I am gathering all the info I can now and am thinking about contacting everyone. The company, TV Investigators, consumer protection agencies, elected officials, etc. Anyone I can find.

Is that going too far or would you be a little concerned and/or ticked off?
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was the warning visible?

also about the only thing they will do is offer a refund at the place of purchase and recall the items...but yeah, how do people get away with that?


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Rightfully pissed, but keep in mind, everything causes Cancer these days. I'm expecting to hear someone say "living causes cancer" at some point soon :rolleyes:

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Rightfully pissed!

Granted, California is super-sensitive on its consumer safety (among other things) and the rights of people. Still, I'm stunned something that carries a warning like that would be sold at a national chain like Toys R Us.

Run it up the flagpole. The least that could happen is you get your money back and a little local exposure. The best case is it gets recalled nationally, Toys R Us gets their reputation tarnished, and most importantly, the kids aren't touching it.

:salut: for bothering to read the box. Most parents don't do much more than lay the money on the counter.


What the hell could be in a plastic pool that could cause cancer? Just plain stupid if you ask me.

BTW, there is a guy on the other site with a bunch of sweet Elway buyback autos. Most are numbered to 10 or less. Have you seen them?



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CA regulates a lot more chemicals and pollutants than other states. So they may find one chemical to be bad while another state doesn't think so or doesn't regulate it.


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I'd withhold judgment until you determine what "multiple exposures" means. Is an exposure just being near it or do they have to eat a piece of the toy or what? If there's a warning on it then someone knows about it, and if it's really harmful it wouldn't be allowed to be produced. But I suppose you can never be too careful. I plan to lock my children in the garage until they are 40


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I would first go to the Toys R Us branch manager and discuss the product and the lack of awareness of the issue. Hopefully he/she will do the leg work for you and find out more about it, why it states this, and what you should do. And if that doesn't work, take it to their corporate office and discuss it with someone in charge of product purchasing, etc. I am sure Toys R Us will make it right for you and you may have alerted them to a product that should have been flagged before hand.

I disagree with immediately going media with everything. You have a right to be ticked, but let those involved have the opportunity to correct things. I know from a business standpoint, if someone is upset all I ask is that they let me know and give me a chance to make it right. If they go over my head without involving me I definitely will not be involved in any resolution process for them after the fact.


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That warning is on A LOT more things than you think. I have seen it 100's of times. Doesn't mean its right, but like someone stated above, California does report on Chemicals differently than other states.

I may be wrong, but I think its kind of like the warning on that fake sugar stuff, where it has been known to cause cancer in lab animals.