Alright, now that Portland has the #1 pick


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we will have to spend the next 7 or so weeks until the NBA draft hearing about the 'Sam Bowie' for MJ comparisons.... What these writers love to leave out is that in 83, the year before, the Blazers drafted Drexler (yes, no rings with Portland but a long stretch of dominations, just couldn't win the two times he made the finals in portland) and don't foget he is a HOFer and one of the 50 greatest ever, just not quite at MJ level. They did take Sam, a dominating 7' center which they needed, he just had injury problems and was a bust. oh well. Funny thing is, now oden is the 7' dominating center, but do they take him (a rare center) or Durant, the supposedy nba ready dominate small forward...
Personally if it was me i'd take Durant , Centers are usually busts and I think the guy would be better served as PF anyway. But I wonder how the Celtics feel , traded away Foye last year and missed the the top 2 picks this year when there were players they could have actually used. :mad:
I say take Oden.I don't think he will come close to be a bust.Dominate centers don't come along very often.I read somewhere that if they take Oden they will have one of the best young teams in the NBA.I totally agree with that.
They will!! Webster, Jack are young; Aldridge and Roy (last years R.O.Y.) both made first team all rookie team, and they have white chocolate :D
Oden = Patrick Ewing (better defense than offense right now)
Durant = Kevin Garnett

Can't go wrong with either pick. Since Portland has Aldridge, I'd go with Oden.
The pick is Oden, hands down. Swingmen who can score a lot are a dime a dozen in the NBA. Sure, Durant would be one of the best, but what have the Lakers won with only Kobe? A game-changing center can carry a team more than a good scorer.
And to whoever said Oden is better suited for PF, you probably just haven't watched him enough. He is a true center in every part of the position. Great defender, great rebounder on both ends of the court and he can score.

I do wonder how much popularity he will have being in Portland though...
Im not sure why everyone thinks there is a problem with the lottery, watching teams tank as is, is a joke already.

Hopefully Seattle can use this pick and stay in the Northwest.