Ah Horse Ish


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got my orientation thing today for NIU, costs $105 for orientation which is REQUIRED :scratch: not happy about the fees, but whatever...also got my new NIU email address...havent attempted it yet, but i will...
Yeah they really get you with those fees. Our 'Activity Fee' keeps going up year after year and they did not renew Napster for the university next year. They don't pay for my beer so what activity are they paying for?
And me, well I avoided all of those fees by just not going to college!! hehe

i get PAID to go, last semester cost me $31 tuition/fees and around $550 for books...i took 21 credits and got paid $1469 a month :dance: so for me, school is a job :)
so are they going to deny you the ability to go to the school if you don't go to the required orientation? or are they just going to charge you for it? kind of a sneaky way of getting extra cash out of you