After 3 years, I can finally take this off my list...


Bench Warmer
By far my most favorite mailday of the year. I have been searching for one of these since they came out in 04. I let one go on ebay in January of 05 :ban:. Had been kicking myself
daily since then until now.


That completes my D.J. Donruss Elite set. I still have to get 13 cards to finish of his rookie year stuff, 10 of which are 1/1's... :doh:

This came in today too, although its not as sexy imo:



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those low # status/aspirations tend to dry up quickly, nice snag...

kind of on the same note, its been almost 3 years since a boller red status /8 from his rookie year has been on ebay, but i already own 4 ;)