Adrian Peterson Chrome Xfractor Rookie for Sale


Bench Warmer
Hey all,
Well the money is really getting tight as the semester winds down so I am looking to sell some things starting with this Adrian Peterson 07 Topps Chrome Xfractor #181 (picture is attached-any spots are from the scanner-I hate trying to get clean shots of Chrome stuff). Looks to be a really nice chrome specimine.

I am wanting $65 shipped on it and I am ONLY looking to sell it right now.

Here a link to the scan:

Image of Peterson Xfractor RC - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I KNOW that it close to what they are getting on eBay and YES I am aware that you could go to eBay to buy it for that...

BUT you might end up having to spend more, you would have to pay outrageous shipping (I love the guy looking for $6 shipping on 1 card), you are buying from someone that you may or may not be able to trust, and God knows when you will get the card and what it will look like since a lot of people just steal pictures of other cards.

I have all positives on here mostly for sales I have made, I am an advisor on another site (so I am not going anywhere-you can always get in touch with me), this scan is the exact card you will be getting, and I ship FAST...for example if this card is bought and paid for tonight I will get it out tomorrow, and ALWAYS use DC and a bubble mailer.

LMK if you are interested.