Baseball A trade offer to think over...

Which lot would you take

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    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • B

    Votes: 16 94.1%

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Bench Warmer
Just got this offer on another site & I'm tempted to go both ways. It meant it was time for my favorite game on SCFreaks, 'Which deal is better'! Please place your vote and include why you vote that way.

2002 Topps Jack of All Trades Barry Bonds GU (jersey grey) BV $60 DAMAGED
2005 Donruss Rookies Travis Blackley RC AU BV $8

2007 Topps U&H Gold Chad Durbin /2007 BV $N/A
2007 Topps U&H Printing Plate Yellow Chris Young (Padres) 1/1 BV $N/A
2007 Topps U&H Generation Now Curtis Granderson #539 BV $N/A
Lot B because 1.) i do not like damaged cards that much and also i do not like bonds, and because chris young is really good and i would die to have one of his printing plates!
I bought that Bonds (my 1st Bonds GU), so I'm slightly attached to it. I wanted to see if it was worth a Chris Young type of player. Stupid Bonds collector, right? It's unanimous!
Here it is guys!!!!