A sad scammer story...


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There are several different "Report a scammer" groups on the internet (with a few on Facebook). Most of the time the group will ask for "proof", i.e. PMs, text messages, pictures, etc.

Saw one group this weekend that had a pretty heated discussion, but here's the short of it...

A member reported a "scammer" who had ran a "freebie" and did not ship the card out.

Okay, so my thoughts are this... there was NO money involved, there was NO trades involved... this was a "who wants this card for free" type post. So how can this be a scam? The guy that was giving the card away has given tons of cards away over the years. So what if he didn't send a free card out? Again, NO money and NO trades involved.

Anyways, the administrators removed the post after I got involved and tagged an admin.

Really sad that someone would want to drag another persons name through the mud just because they offered up a free "it cost nothing" post and didn't send it out. Sure, he LIED, but other than that, no one was hurt...

Oh wait... did I mention the guy that was receiving the freebie had already had a buyer on the line? lol... come on...


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There are so many scams out there now a days, you need to be careful. I can't stand not being able to trust anybody.