A new year, a new focus...


TP9 | VC15
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It seems like this happens to me every year. Something happens toward the end of the year that causes me to lose focus on my PC and I end up wanting to do something completely different. For me this National Anthem garbage has really got me disappointed in the NFL. Not so much that these guys are doing it. If it's cool with the owners, I couldn't care less what those guys do. I am sick of seeing/hearing about it all the time though. So, I can count on one hand the number of NFL games I've watched this season, I'm sad to say.

Anyways, I think for the new year I'm going to refocus on Tony Parker and Vince Carter PCs. I'm so far behind on it I think I could have a good time trying to chase even base cards from current year stuff. I'm going to spend the next several days rebuilding a list of haves and getting things scanned in and just go from there.

Anyone else changing anything up in their collections for the new year, or is the kind of thing that only goes through my head?


Old School Vintage
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I too am sick of the NFL National Anthem thing. I haven't watched a full game. I've watched some ends of games. Mostly I've just looked at the standings on Monday Morning. The end of Baseball season and it's playoffs helped for a little while.


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Since Jackson has retired, I haven’t watched an nfl game, with the exception of the Super Bowl. I’m sick of the whiny millionaires using their NFL stature to state their beliefs. Stand for the damn national anthem.