A lot of mail


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Had a bunch of this for awhile. Time to clean off the desk. :)

Justin sent me a huge stack of Purdue / bengals plus the sick Orton Gridiron patch and a Orton jersey. Thanks man!!

Ryo sent me the top 4 cards in the last scan (not the D-Rob) and an awesome Purdue flag for the CCG. The flag is sweet and once I hang it I'll take a pic.

Bought the CJ RC Auto off Brad. Thanks - 'tis awesome!!

Scuba sent me the UD Orton dual and Grant gave me tha CJ blue ref.

No5564xxxx sent me the Squizzy Orton and some other stuff too in a trade.






Bench Warmer
those are some great Ortons!!!!

You have the craziest Stubblefield collection, those are sweet looking patches of him you have.