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A Great Birthday


Mr. Baseball
So, my birthday was acouple of weeks ago and it was truly amazing. I can not believe that I did not post about this before now, but here it goes. The day before my birthday was going great because I recieved my tax returns and some other money that I was not expecting, which is reason enough to celebrate (I did that by going to my LCS and picking up a box of Topps Tribute). Then I recieved an email from the official blogger of the Cincinnati Reds tellinf me that I had won some tickets to a game! I had entered a March Madness Bracket contest and had backed one of my all time favorite Reds, Tom Browning. On top of that they asked if I would do a phone interview for the blog, of course I agreed.

Yes I know I sound like a little kid, but I do not care! As for the tickets, I am going the week before my wedding and have passes to go on the field for batting practice, I will be on cloud nine. And, yes, I will be after as many autographs as I cna get, Wish me luck!


Old School Vintage
Wow I don't know what is a better B'Day gift the Tax return or Winning the Tix. OK the tickets and getting to act like a little kid.:cool:

OH and Happy (belated) birthday!


TP9 | VC15
That is awesome! Sounds like your entire month has been awesome, and here we were thinking it was just your group break spunk. Congrats on winning the tickets and good luck with the autos. Be sure to let us know who all you ink. Otis will be especially interested in knowing.


Mr. Baseball
The game was great!! We did get to go on the field for batting practice, here is a the view that we had:

and we had great seats for the game:

Not much luck with autographs from most of the players during batting practice but, Todd Frazier came straight out of the dugout and jumped the ropes that marked our area and talked to and signed for every (about 25) person in the viewing area. Todd is truly one of the great guys in the game today:

I also got a pic with Todd

The other guy that came over was Brandon Phillips who is also great with all of the fans

The newest Red, Donald Lutz, also came over at the end of practice and I got his auto on one of the practice balls. They were also giving away Aroldis Chapman bobbleheads when we came in so we each got one of them and I also got an Ernie Lombardi Bronze statue from the Reds Hall of Fame.

And with a Reds win 13-7 over the Brewers, the day was about as great a day as I could of asked for!!:D