a few new cards


Bench Warmer
picked these up yesterday. all ft

08 sage squared ray rice/allen patrick dual auto
09 presitge eddie royal prestigiuos pros auto 19/75 (jersey number)
09 prestige david gettis rc/auto /999
09 prestige matt ryan prestigiuos pros gu /250
09 prestige ryan matthews rc/auto /199

10 heritage albert pujols clubhouse collection bat


Bench Warmer
xdvop86, what are bv's on these?
jerry rice auto
deacon jones au/gu
c.bednarik au/gu
t.mcdonald au/gu

gotbrady12, no bv yet, nothing to go by other than ebay yet. just listening to offers at the moment

collectthebest, saw a couple i might be able to use but gotta chech with a couple of buddies first


Bench Warmer
gotbrady12, like the bryant, but not looking to sell. trade only at the moment

collectthebest, sorry he already has the collie i was looking at