A Card Each Week


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In attempt to spark some life here...I thought I would make an effort to share something interesting from my collection each week. Not necessarily valuable, but something I like that you guys might enjoy too.

I'll post one today and will make an effort to post a new one each Monday.

Here is the first one:

1951 Bowman #15 Johnny Lujack autographed

This card features 1947 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Lujack during his time with the Bears. It is a lovely card which has been signed by the legendary Notre Dame signal caller. Many consider Lujack to be the first in a line of all-time great QBs to come from Western Pennsylvania.


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OK, here is my first Monday posting.

This card is one of my favorites. It comes from a set that I heavily collected and traded as a child. I have many fond memories of 1994 UD Collector's Choice and the many Silver parallels (and 1 gold) that I found. The base set had 384 cards and the golds were inserted a a rate of 1:35. My favorite player was (is) Joe Montana and I dreamed over the thought of finding all 4 of his cards in the Gold version. Never pulled one though.

I was able to track them all down as an adult and complete that childhood dream. That inspired what I believed would be impossible...completing the entire 384 Gold set. I completed it a few years back and it's one of my biggest collecting accomplishments.

1994 UD Collector's Choice Gold #70 Joe Montana


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Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to find something outside of the box for this week.

I love aviation, I like 1952 Topps baseball and I have been wanting to find a non-sports card set to work on. I think I found perfect blend in this set. In 1952, Topps released a set called "Friend of Foe" filled with Cold War era aircraft. It is really a neat set and I love how it feels like you are stepping into a time machine.

So, recently I picked up one of the cards in the set to "try the set out." I really liked what I found.

I selected the card of the B-36 Peacemaker but it is my favorite aircraft from the early Cold War era. Never really saw combat use because of it's timing, but by some measurements it is the largest combat aircraft ever built. The have 10 engines, 6 reverse positioned piston engines and 4 jets. They are quite a sight to see if you ever get a change (4 remained preserved in museums around the US and one is in private hands disassembled). I saw one about 10 years ago and was in awe.

1952 Topps Friend or Foe #24 B-36 Peacemaker


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Here's the next one.

This is a fun one. One of my all-time favorite sets is 1997 UD Legends football. When I was a kid and this hit the shelves...it was awesome. Four autographs per box and everyone was one of the greats. In my opinion, the greatest set ever produced.

Unfortunately, this is also about when we started seeing redemption autos popping up. Some players didn't get their autos back to UD in time (and some never did) so they inserted redemptions in their place. Today, some of those redemption cards are more scarce than the actual autos. Here is a rare unredeemed redemption card from the set.

1997 UD Legends Autographs (Redemption) AL-30 Art Donovan

Donovan did return his autographed cards to UD so the redemptions were filled (not replaced) for him. Today, they sell for around $20 online. I paid considerably more than that for this rare redemption.

Art Donovan was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1968. He passed away in 2013.