A bunch of stuff for sale for a local.

#11 Roy Williams

Bench Warmer
2006 DPP Classmarks Brodie Croyle RC Auto SP
2007 DPP All Starr Alumni Matt Leinart Auto
2006 Signature Proof Santana Moss Auto /35
2006 Trilogy DuoMarks Deron Williams/Raymond Felton Dual RC Auto /75
2006 Donruss Classics Saturday Stars Anquan Boldin Auto /10
2006 Donruss Elite Santonio Holmes Auto RC /100
2006 Donruss Elite Brandon Marshall Auto RC /100
3 card Tomlinson Lot (06 DPP Underclassman Class of '01 GU, 06 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor encased, 06 Leaf Rookies and Stars Elements 3 clr patch *beautiful* /25)
2004 Ultimate Tracy McGrady Auto
2004 Leaf Certified Materials Travis Hafner Auto /100
2007 DPP Chris Leak RC Auto
2001 Classics Rudi Johnson Auto RC
2004 SPx Kevin Jones Auto/Jsy
2006 Bowman Elevation Andre Iguodala dual patch (1 is 2 clr, 1 ist 3 clr) 3/3
2006 Bowman Elevation Hakim Warrick Jsy *with seam* /auto /9

Scans upon request.

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WHat does the sig on the Marshall look like? Is it his "full name" his "I sign too many times" short version that you can make out the B in Brandon with a squigly after it?

Theres the Iggy for NMuyeb.

Great sig on the Marshall. Scan: